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Sexual Bullying Guide

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There is no best way to respond when you are being sexually bullied. Use our Action Plan! Work on writing down and practicing what you will say when it happens.

Action Plan: Sexual Bullying (DOC)

Bystander, you can do this too. Knowing beforehand how you will respond when you see sexual bullying will help you be more confident and more willing to step in and help.


Bring It Together

Sometimes comments that are played off as a joke can have a sexual message that crosses the line into bullying. It can make a girl second guess who she is, question how she looks, and feel bad about her own body. Learning how to recognize sexual bullying and respond to it while staying confident can have lasting effects on you and those around you.

It starts with you:

Bystanders, learning more about how to be a better friend can prepare you to support victims of bullying. This link will give you specific tips and ideas on improving your listening and friendship skills in respect to bullying.

Click here to lean about how to be a better friend (DOC).

Check yourself:

Are you part of the solution or part of the problem? Take our sexual bullying quiz (DOC) and find out if you may be a bully.

If you think you are a bully click here to learn steps to change (DOC).

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